Tax services

Tax services

Insurance Premium Tax services

Our experts enable you to meet your global Insurance Premium Tax requirements with ease. Leveraging our in-country expertise, we can help reduce the burden of insurance tax compliance by improving processes and reducing costs.

Our team helps to simplify the tax administration process of your cross border insurance policies.

We provide:

  • Registration with the appropriate authorities
  • Calculation rules and tax computation in accordance with the requirements of differing jurisdictions
  • Tax filing service – Preparation, signature and submission of returns and payment handling to the appropriate authorities
  • Penalty regime analysis
  • Local representation allowing us to liaise with tax authorities on your behalf to keep you fully informed for any decision making processes
  • Statutory records keeping helping you meet local compliance requirements regarding your registers, insurance policies, books and contracts
  • Change management communicating local legislative and regulatory changes, allowing you to assess the relevant impact and keeping you up to date across all areas in which you are exposed to requirements

Tax Compliance Services

We can help you manage your tax and reporting obligations, including those associated with Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Goods and Services Tax and withholding tax responsibilities by:

  • Registration: ensuring registration with the necessary local authorities
  • Calculation: calculating CIT returns and other relevant taxes
  • Submission: preparation and submission of tax returns to local authorities
  • Payments: processing of tax liability payments
  • Tax audits: management of tax audits (as applicable), guiding you through the process and facilitating dialogue with relevant authorities
  • Local knowledge: offering direct access to our local experts, enabling greater understanding of local taxes, notices and assessments