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HR administration services

HR administration is increasingly challenging, both at home and overseas. Multinational companies have a demanding requirement to satisfy their obligations in each jurisdiction, maintaining a global overview of these activities and controlling them to manage risk.

With over 2,000 experts in more than 2OO countries, we are able to act as your local HR department, helping you streamline operations and reduce costs. We can handle HR processes and procedures on your behalf and help you maintain a globally and locally compliant operation, freeing up your time to focus on core business activities.

We are experts in payroll processing, can advise on visa, immigration and work permit applications and manage the process for you. We can also induct new staff, work with you on translating your global HR policy into local processes, offer re-location consulting and help with more general HR advice and support.

Our in-country experts not only speak the local language but are in regular contact with authorities in every country in which we operate, keeping us alert and reactive to any changes as and when they happen. Interested in our HR Administration Services? Please fill in our contact form today, with details of your request and we’ll get in touch with you to provide more details.

International Pensions

Providing expatriates and internationally mobile employees with a sound pension scheme can be daunting. Often the pension scheme in the home country does not work for a globally-migrating employee and neither does the pension scheme, (if there is one), in the country they are currently residing in. So companies and individuals turn to international pensions solutions to tackle the issue. Pension scheme regulations differ heavily between countries and international pension laws are often hard to navigate. In addition, setting up a private, company owned, or international pension scheme often involves considerable costs; therefore, it is no surprise many organizations face substantial challenges in this area.

To assist our clients, we provide truly global and customised pension management plans to serve companies and the international community in a variety of the 200+ jurisdictions that we operates in.

Global Payroll services

The administration of payroll can be surprisingly challenging, both at home and overseas, with no two countries the same. Managing payroll, in one or multiple jurisdictions, can be a difficult, resource draining task that soaks up hundreds of hours of time in interpreting legislation, complying with local rules, regulations and documentation.

We have over 400 payroll experts assisting local and international businesses in more than 200 countries. Our model of having our own wholly owned network means we can offer a unique payroll solution, delivering a global payroll service via local offices and in local language. Our local payroll experts understand the intricacies of legislation and customs and are able to provide an in-country contact giving you direct access to the people processing your data.

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