Let us help you comply with accounting laws and regulations worldwide

Accounting Services

Keeping control of your accounting obligations, both at home and overseas, requires access to experienced accountants.

Our local, in-country, accounting teams are dedicated to helping you comply with local reporting requirements. We also offer a wide range of accounting related services to help improve your international operations.

Yazyk Consulting, with over 6,500 experts in more than 100 countries, is able to act as an extension to your finance department; helping you to stay on top of the reporting and regulation risks often presented by international trade.

Reporting Services

We can help your entities become and remain compliant with international accounting laws and policies.

Legislation and regulations can differ hugely across borders. Using our in-country experts, you can stay on top of regulatory changes through having access to a team of qualified accountants who strive to understand your business.

We have an unique business model that allows us to respond to your needs. Because we are wholly owned and on-location, we can meet both your domestic requirements and offer central co-ordination across all your locations. This removes the requirement of managing multiple teams or a variety of 3rd party suppliers – allowing you to enter new markets, scale up (or down) and drive cost reductions and transparency in a controlled, rapid way.

Our local teams can assist with the arrangement and settlement of invoices.
Cash management – we can help you set up and run bank accounts.
Payments – we can run local settlement of invoices in line with your corporate controls.

Supporting services

  • Staff placement – short or long term resource issues can be alleviated by utilising our global workforce.
  • M&A assistance – if you need back office support in a short time frame or more technical support long term, our experts and business model will help you achieve your strategy.
  • In-house training – we can help upskill your staff on local regulatory issues and any significant changes to the accounting landscape.
  • Ad-Hoc project support – we have experience in a board range of areas such as reorganising accounting systems, bank payment administration, expense reporting and establishing accounting control procedures.
  • Local expertise – direct access to qualified accountants around the globe to help in unfamiliar territories and unfamiliar situations.


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