Market Research

Market Research

Prioritizing International Markets, Market Entry and Review

Our primary market research services that support your global expansion are as follows:

Which international markets should we prioritize first?

  • A methodical approach to choosing your target markets
  • How to assess the size of the opportunity in the community

How can we support market entry and ensure a successful launch?

  • End-to-end research and consulting is our primary service
  • Ensuring a strategic entrance into the chosen market
  • Support for making decisions about whether and how to launch successfully

Market analysis: How can we make the most of what we have?

  • More rapid and focused market research
  • Ideal for strategically adjusting an existing market position (e.g., as a foundation for renegotiating distribution/partner arrangements, focusing on new customer segments, etc.)

Competitive marketing and advertising advice

  • Intelligence about rivals and strategies for making a good response
  • Finding effective promotional tactics and local market best practices

Tools and methods used in global market research

To address your inquiries about entering global markets, we have a variety of specialized global market research tools and techniques.

Among them are:

  • Prioritizing export markets in a structured way
  • Intensive desk research using a variety of published and pay-per-view sources
  • Research conducted with industry experts who are actually in the country being studied

Applied global market research techniques are:

  • In-depth interviews conducted over the phone, online, and in person
  • Focus groups
  • Online panels
  • Competitor audits
  • Social media and online networks to find qualified witnesses in a particular field
  • Theme and content analysis
  • Industry forums
  • On-the-spot analysis at relevant industry events 
  • Variety of reporting formats to meet your management team’s needs

We also provide direction on other export-related issues, such as relocation, logistics, local suppliers, culture, language, website hosting and design, etc. For a comprehensive quote, please contact us here.

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